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The Walrus Foundation spurs conversations across Canada, from kitchen tables to the House of Commons. Donor support enables us to continue providing the provocative long-form journalism, smart essays, and fresh ideas that are essential to understanding our country and ourselves.

  • 210,000 people read a uniquely Canadian perspective in The Walrus magazine.
  • 1,803,812 across the planet read uniquely Canadian perspectives in The Walrus or at
  • 110 writers, from clear across Canada, shared ideas and started conversations.
  • 116 articles were published in The Walrus.
  • 326 pieces of content were posted at
  • 90 artists, illustrators, and photographers saw their work in The Walrus
  • 22 poems from established and emerging Canadian poets appeared in The Walrus.
  • 25 Walrus Talks events happened across Canada.
  • 168 Walrus Talks speakers addressed Canadians.
  • 50,000 Walrus Talks audience members (online and in person) were moved, agitated, and delighted on topics ranging from art to water.

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